“Pashkevillin” in Passaic!

24 10 2008

For the second time someone distributed leaflets or “pashkevillin” around Passaic, calling for Rabbi Menachem Zupnik to apologize for slandering the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Meir Stern, or to leave town. They also called for a boycott on Rabbi Zupnik’s shul.

If anyone has copies of the leaflets they can email us, or more information about their contents, please contact us using the comments (they will not be published).

Thank you.




7 responses

25 10 2008


This slander has been put out anonymously so why would you give ant credence to it and why would you publish this narishkeit, unless you want to join in the chilul hashem with this person?

26 10 2008

It’s not slander. It’s true. Rabbi Zupnik has been slandering the Rosh Yeshiva for years now. Publicly. Everyone knows about it. Anonymous or not, the contents are true.

26 10 2008
lashon Hara

even if it’s true it’s lashon hara. but there are certain circumstances when you are allowed to spread lashon hara.

27 10 2008

I personally heard Rabbi Zupnik say the things the letter says.

28 10 2008
R' Moshe


Truth and & Anonymous seem to enjoy slandering others while hiding behind the veil of anonymity. If you’re willing to be such Baalei Lashon Haro and motzei Shem Ra why not put your money where your mouth is and put your name on your comment.

(Editor’s note: the irony is that you did not put your name on your comment! Practice what you preach! The further irony is that you made the first comment also as “anonymous!”)

30 10 2008
The Real Truth

You guys spreading this nonesense are funny. Or would be funny, if you weren’t to pathetic.

22 12 2008

One of the letters is online at http://www.ExposingZupnik.com

Go to the blog page.

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