17 12 2008

 (TRENTON)  The New Jersey General Assembly adopted a resolution Monday Assembly members Upendra J. Chivukula, Peter J. Barnes, III and Patrick J. Diegnan Jr. sponsored condemning the Nov. 26 Mumbai Terror Attacks in which nearly 200 people were killed and over 327 injured.

 Assembly members Linda Stender and Gary S. Schaer joined Assembly members Chivukula, Barnes and Diegnan as Chivukula presented the proclamation to India’s Consul General in New York, His Excellency Prabhu Dayal. Chivukula (D-Somerset) condemned the terror attacks in his native India as a barbaric and brutal assault on human life and democratic principles. “I pledge to fight the destructive forces of terrorism by continuing to raise awareness of the devastation of the Mumbai Terror Attacks and the importance of keeping up the pressure to punish the perpetrators with initiatives such as the resolution adopted by the Assembly,” said Chivukula. “The attack in Mumbai represents an assault on all peace-loving democratic countries.

The New Jersey legislature stands behind the people of India and against the terrorist attacks in Mumbai,” said Barnes (D-Middlesex). “All freedom loving people must join together to fight terrorism across the globe. The citizens of the United States and India stand united in this effort,” said Diegnan (D-Middlesex). All three members said the Assembly resolution was an important symbol – of support for the people of India and against perpetrators of terror.

The resolution reads, “…The New Jersey General Assembly emphatically and without hesitation condemns these horrific and violent acts, through which the perpetrators sought to create chaos and trigger sectarian unrest in the largest pluralistic democracy of the world.” The resolution also mourns the senseless and tragic deaths of innocent people and honors the heroic individuals who performed courageous and selfless acts to rescue survivors, often risking their lives to save another.

India’s Consul General in New York, His Excellency Prabhu Dayal applauded the New Jersey General Assembly for raising its voice against the devastating 60-hour-siege on Mumbai that shocked India and stunned the world. “By adopting the resolution condemning the Mumbai Terror Attacks, the New Jersey General Assembly has taken an important step which should be emulated by democratic institutions all over the world,” Dayal asserted. “The world community must come together to make sure the perpetrators of the Mumbai Terror Attacks are punished and institutions and agencies that support them are crushed,” Dayal added. “We must act, and act once and for all so camps where terrorists are trained are wiped out from the face of the earth.” Dayal is the first-ever Indian diplomat to address the New Jersey General Assembly in recent years. The only Indian-American lawmaker in New Jersey, Chivukula thanked Speaker Joseph J. Roberts and fellow members for their support of the resolution. He said he also was grateful for the outreach of the New Jersey legislature to the Indian-American community in the days and weeks that followed the Mumbai Terror Attacks. Link to original article




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