Agudath Israel Combating Unemployment

19 12 2008

Passaic in the Passaic/Clifton Community, work in large corporations. With thousands of blue collar jobs being layed off everyweek,  Agudath Israel has stepped in with Professional Career Services.

Professional Career Services(PCS) a division of Agudath Israel, will be hosting a Information Seminar (LOCATION & TIME BELOW) about their new Healthcare Compliance Officer Training Course. This course will provide a select number of Baalei Mishpacha with the skills they need for a stable and suitable career in a new field that currently has high demand.

The field of Healthcare Compliance has significant opportunities for making a nice living in a job that is well-suited to one with analytical, logical, communication and ethical skills. It is a professional, white-collar career field in an important service environment that is not as susceptible as other fields to the vagaries of the economy. This is an unusual opportunity for those who want to work in a steady job rather than go into business or train for years to enter a profession.

A Compliance Officer in a healthcare facility is responsible for ensuring that the organization complies with the law and follows its own policies and procedures in a correct and ethical manner.

This growing field is perfect for the baal mishpacha who is starting out and needs a job that will support his family. As is known, healthcare is a growing field with a constant demand for professionals, without the volatility of many other fields in a changing economy.  Because of the government’s crackdown on fraud and abuse, Compliance Officers are now considered a crucial component for a healthcare facility’s success, both in ensuring legal compliance and in preventing harmful media exposure.

The salary ranges goes up to $150,000 for Chief Compliance Officer Positions. The required education and certification can be obtained in a relatively short time.

PCS invites you to take advantage of this opportunity!

 On Sunday Dec 21 in Flatbush: 1:00PM at Cong. Neve Yakov-1359 E. 9th St  (Btw M & N).

You will meet, lawyers involved in the profession, and professionals who are in the field!

Tuition: approximately $13,000 – Loans are available  
Course Length:  7months
Applicants must have: BA, BS or BTL (BMG only)

Professional Career Services(PCS) a division of Agudath Israel is a not for profit organization which provides job training and job placement in our community. If you know any quality job opening please let them know at .

(News Source: Agudath Israel)




One response

4 08 2011
Noah R

Please add to this list.
This is a great resource for english-speaking and multilingual professionals looking for jobs in Israel, as well as the companies interested in hiring them.

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