Fire On High Street In Passaic

24 12 2008
A fire broke out tonight on High Street near Boulevard in a home belonging to a Frum family, completely gutting it. Hatzolah of North Jersey and local EMS was on the scene, but thankfully the home was empty and their services were not needed. No injuries were reported to the firefighting crews who responded in from Clifton, Paterson, Wallington, Carlstadt, and as far out as wayne,  to assist the Passaic Fire Department in this 3 alarm fire. The house destroyed was in fact the Merilis Family.



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30 12 2008
David Cohen

I do not understand why our fire department cannot handle one house burning.
Four towns for one house?

And the house burnt down anyway?

Seems every house that catches fire in Passaic is not salvageable.

Looks like Passaic Fire Department saved the foundation only, again!

2 01 2009

Mr. Cohen,

I think the answer to your question is very simple. The Passaic Fire Department operates with the bare minimum of on duty firefigters which is 18. To start with. Each fire truck and engine you see at a scene requires 1 member to stay with it to operate the pump or ladder, then for each engine you need a water supply which requires a firefighter from each piece to stay at a fire hydrant to connect and supply the water, so thats 10 men gone from the start. then the hose lines require at least 2 men to control, some one has to check the building for victims as well as the houses next door. and by law there must be a firefighter rescue team standing by incase a firfighter becomes trapped.

Next as you well know because you were at the fire, the house was fully involved in fire ( fire from every door and window) before the fire department even arrived which provides for a very unstabile and unsafe structure .

I think that one of the things you are also not aware of is that the fire apparatus on scene suffer from constant mechanical problems due to a lack of money for repairs and that the vehicles are maintaned by mechanics that have no specific training for fire apparatus repair and treat them like any other truck which they are not.

The fact is I know taxes are high for the people that pay them and the members of the Passaic Fire Department have been doing more with less for 15 years now. Mayor Semler came in to office and cut the depatment to pieces and they have never recovered . While you see more and more police on the streets the funding and overtime are never an issue for them , while the bravest must make due with a lack of manpower, equipment and money. Do you realize the firehouse that the engines are kept in does not even have heat so they must use propane heaters.

Mr. Cohen before you pass judgement or make comments why don’t you get all the facts or try walking even a half of day in the shoes of those that have sworn to protect the citizens of passaic both on the Eastside & Westside, Passaic Park to the 2nd ward and those that pay taxes and THOSE THAT DON’T!

2 01 2009

Ok Dave lets see if I can help you understand better. #1 Maybe if you or anyone else for that matter wouldnt let it burn or try to put the fire out with pots of water and called the fire dept (911), before the fire got into the walls or into the attic they would have stopped it there but sadly to say they can’t smell it or hear it burning from the firehouse so they do count on what is called a phone and 911. Now for #2 the other towns come in to cover the city while passaic’s fire dept is hard at work for there tax payers and non tax payers also because they dont care who you are or what color you are or even where you came from before you moved to passaic, and the other towns that are at the fire are there to help passaic and also be there just in case something were to go wrong and help other firefighters that might get trapped working at the fire, so the passaic firefighters wouldnt stop fighting the fire and try to help the one that was in trouble, they would keep working and trying to get the fire out. Now for #3 they save what they can and sometime die trying to save whats not even there 5/9/01. But Dave I will leave you with this firefighters will always run into the burning building when everyone else is running out!

3 01 2009
mister dmp

Why don’t you find out how many working structure fires there are in the city of passaic in a year. And how many are put out without incident,and little property damage! Before you make a comment like that.

5 01 2009
non tax payer

If the city of Passaic start taxing all property owners regardless of religion, as a tax payer I would pay less or get more service for my tax dollar. If you don’t like it go back to where you came from and enjoy all the services they offer.

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