Passaic Man’s Car Catches Fire While Illegally Parked in a Fire Zone in Wesley Hills, NY!

2 01 2009

Wesley Hills, NY – When Hillcrest firefighters responded to a fire call at a shopping center last night, the fire wasn’t hard to miss.

A 1996 Dodge minivan that was in flames was illegally parked in the fire zone, a fire official said.

Nobody was inside the minivan at Wesley Kosher Plaza on Route 306 in Wesley Hills. Twenty firefighters put out the fire in a few minutes, but it was the first time Chris Kear, chief of the Hillcrest Volunteer Fire Department, had seen anything like it.

“We’ve responded to fire calls where we’ve had people parked in” fire zones, Kear said this morning. “They see us coming and get themselves out of the way. But nothing like this.”

Around 7:35 p.m., the minivan’s owner, a Passaic, N.J., man, had parked in front of the shopping center and gone into a Jewish religious novelty shop, Kear said.

The driver left the engine running. The fire apparently started in the engine and spread to the dashboard. Its cause is unknown.

Three Hillcrest fire trucks responded. The minivan sustained heavy damage and was undrivable, Kear said.

Ramapo police issued the driver a ticket for parking illegally in a fire zone.

“It’s kind of adding insult to injury,” Kear said.




One response

2 01 2009

When will the exuses start pouring in about how he shouldnt have gotten a ticket………. I can see it now, “Wesley Hills suspends ticketing in fire zones”

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