5 01 2009

Update 8:17 PM:
The Hotline Numbers of Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS (Not to be confused with Hatzolah EMS of North Jersey) seem to be working for now.

It is disgusting that Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS did not inform people of the problem until Hatzolah EMS of North Jersey publicized it. If someone having an emergency would have called the Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS hotline, the results could have been disasterous. This could have cost lives.

Disgusting – be ashamed.

(submitted by a reader)


The Hatzolah of Passaic – Clifton Emergency Numbers: 973-472-1002 & 973-472-1001 are not working.

In case of emergency please call:
Please change your cell phones and write down this number near your phones.

(If you doubt the authenticity of this message, please try our usual numbers and you will see that they are not working.)

We apologize for the inconvenience.




6 responses

6 01 2009
Thank You

I would personally like to Thank the kaplan brothers for taking my son to the hospital yesterday. At about 2pm i tried the Hatzolah # 973-472-1002 and got a busy signal I right away called back and the phone kept ringing and ringing. I went online to see if I could find the other Hatzolah’s # and it came right up online 973-773-9988. Thank you for taking us to Hackensack Hospital and my son is doing much better. He was given 14 stitches. M.S.

6 01 2009

You know what else would have worked great in about 4 to 6 minutes, this great new invention called 9-1-1. I wonder if they tried calling the same Hatzolah number for the fire on High St.

6 01 2009

OK, wait……. A child is bleeding in need of 14 stitches, and the parent calls a 10 digit phone number and gets a busy tone, then calls the 10 digit phone number back and the phone kept ringing and ringing, then the parent goes to a computer and gets another 10 digit phone number and calls??? The next number looked up should be for D.Y.F.S………………9-1-1 three digits…………Just thinking out loud again……………Have a nice day………………….

8 01 2009

If you want to be so different then the rest of the citizens then why don’t you go back to your country. When I see a person that needs help I am going to call that number to see how you are going to treat that individual. Always doing things for there own benefit start thinking about the tax payer and pay your dues…. We are all equal at the END so STOP being SELFISH!!!!!!

8 01 2009

Oh, I forgot to mention you guys don’t help out Paterson just Clifton and Passaic!!!!!

8 01 2009

Reading this story simply amazes me on the ignorance of some. Why do they do this? Is accepting help from others wrong?, or would it be better to experience a tragedy because of stupidity? I will never understand why you chose to alienate everyone & everything around you, it is simply sad. Is the welfare of your children not a prioty? There are many good people out who serve their communities everyday, helping EVERYONE REGAURDLESS OF RACE,COLOR, OR CREED, IMAGINE THAT!

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