Angel Laboy Will Fight For Council Seat Again

8 01 2009

Angel Laboy

PASSAIC – When Angel Laboy lost his city council bid last year to Ken Lucianin by 24 votes, he said he would probably come back this year, and time’s proved him right.

Laboy, a public school vice principal, is holding a fundraiser on Jan. 15th in which he hopes to lay the groundwork for what he believes will be about a $5,000-$6,000 race for council.

“I would like to run alone,” he said. “I have been approached to run on a ticket with several of the mayoral candidates, and I’m not ruling it out, but I’m leaning against it.”

Three council people are up for reelection: Gerardo Fernandez, Joe Garcia and Daniel Schwartz. The top three vote-getters win.

Indicted on corruption charges in connection with the case of jailed former Mayor Sammy Rivera, Fernandez said he intends to fight and beat the rap but hasn’t yet indicated he would pursue another term on the council.

During the grind of last year’s campaign season – in which he was allied with Laboy – Garcia said that he wouldn’t run for mayor again if he lost, which he did. Now the question is whether he will run again for his council seat, and unconfirmed sources say he will run, as will Schwartz.

Higher up on the ballot, Rivera’s successor, Mayor Alex Blanco, wants to again defeat real estate developer Jose Sandoval and city super Vincent Capuana to win a full term as mayor.

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One response

18 01 2009

Hopefully, the Jewish Community from passaic Park will not bring in bus loads of jewish voters from Monsey NY to “effectuate change within the political process” As Mr. Gary Schaer eloquently describes it.

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