Your Taxes Are Going Up!

29 01 2009

Passaic’s Mayor Alex Blanco released the following letter today.
He’s trying to break the news as gently as possible before the elections, but the bottom line of the letter is:






2 responses

31 01 2009

There are no other choices in this city beside raising taxes, thanks to all of those that are living in Passaic for free. It doesn’t matter who is in charge they are all the same thanks to the HISPANIC COMMUNITY which they can’t unite together and pick some one that is going to do the right thing for PASSAIC. Why do we tax payer got to pick up the slack for those that don’t want to pay, when is enough enough. EQUAL TAXES FOR ALL CITIZEN don’t pick and choose….

27 02 2009
Vigo Moonwall

Well there are things that can be done, first cut the waste and when you see sites like where Passaic Police officers overlook drunks getting into vehicles and driving off according to the video taker. So what kind of services are we paying for.
Next it is a know fact that every department ask for more money year after year even if the money isn’t needed. Example if it cost 7 million to run the fire department this year you will ask for 8 million next year and if you couldn’t spend the 7 million of the year before you spend even if you didn’t need too, then you get the increase and if it cost 5 million to run you won’t save the money you spend it.
Cut the waste it is funny we complain about the banks and the golden parachutes well, you our elected council people and mayor failed us, so take a pay cut on your salary and then when we get quality services we can think on higher taxes.

This city is a joke, you get a great salary and power for crap or good work, so why no do crap cause they get paid anyway. I hate this city’s elected officials always full of it.

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