Child Named Hitler Removed From Parents Home.

9 02 2009

Hitler CakeWhen we last heard the names Heath and Deborah Campbell, the Holland Township, New Jersey couple were looking to get their son’s name written on a birthday cake, only to be refused when the bakery employees decided “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler” wasn’t a fun thing to write in icing.

Luckily, that story had a happy ending when Wal-mart came to the rescue, as it often does, with it’s low, low prices and sympathy for the plight of the Third Reich. However, this time around it looks like the Campbell’s will be more hard pressed for a similarly joyful conclusion, as their three children have been taken away and placed in the custody of the State of New Jersey.

Yes, Adolf Hitler, Joycelynn Aryan Nation, and li’l Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell were removed from their parents care Tuesday by members of the state Division of Youth and Family Services. While there’s been no official reason given for the action, we’re willing to bet that giving your children the name of one the world’s most hated dictators is seen as some form of child abuse . Hopefully the children will be rehabilitated from their ordeal and given new names – we recommend Simon Wiesenthal Campbell, Elie Wiesel Campbell, and Anne Frank Campbell.

(News Source: Blog.OneRiot.Com)




One response

16 02 2009

What ever happened to Democracy?
These actions of removing the children are more Hitler like than the name itself!!

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