N.J. Students Score Better Than Most On National Math Test

15 10 2009

ASSESS1WRIGHT.JPGTRENTON — New Jersey fourth and eighth grade students are among the top performers in a national mathematics assessment, a report released Wednesday says, showing eighth-graders improved their scores since 2007 while fourth-graders lagged behind.

According to “The Nation’s Report Card: Mathematics,” issued by the federal National Center for Education Statistics, the state’s fourth-graders scored higher than all but three other states, while eighth-graders scored higher than all but two.

Eighth-graders scored four points higher than in 2007 while fourth grade scores dropped two points.

“The NAEP tests are the only exams that allow national state-to-state comparisons, and it’s clear that New Jersey students are responding to our school districts’ focus on math and science,” state Education Commissioner Lucille Davy said.

New Jersey students with disabilities showed improvement on the eighth-grade math test. The average score for those students increased from 251 in 2007 to 259 in 2009. The national average was 249.

On the zero-to-500 point scale, 249 is considered proficient for fourth-graders and 299 is proficient for eighth-graders. The average math score of fourth-graders in New Jersey was 247 while the average for the eighth-graders was 293. The national averages were 239 and 282, repectively.

The tests in math, reading, writing and science are administered nationally on a rotating basis to samplings of fourth- and eighth-grade public school students.

This year, 168,800 fourth-graders and 161,700 eighth-graders across the country took the math test.

(News Source: My CentralJersey.com)




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