Israel Gets Free Weapons, Courtesy Iran and Hezbollah!

5 11 2009

PHOTO & VIDEO LINK BELOW: After the weapons and ammunition on board the Francop were removed and taken to a warehouse in 32 trucks, Israel has given the green light for the freighter vessel to leave port, significantly lighter than when it arrived under naval escort on Wednesday.

It was determined the crew on board the vessel was not connected to the weapons smuggling, leading to the decision to release the freighter.

In the meantime, Hizbullah has released statements on Thursday denying any connection to armaments confiscated, rejecting Israeli statements that the boat was heading to supply weapons from Iran to Hizbullah.

The video link below shows the commandos boarding the ship & searching for weapons, and has the IDF unloading the goods in the Port of Ashdod.

YWN VIDEO & PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for video & HERE for photos.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


Rt 21- Officer Shooting Radar from Van Houten Bridge

5 11 2009

As of now (10 am Thursday) a Passaic Police officer is standing on the Van Houten Ave Bridge over Route 21 shooting radar down at the cars below, and radioing to officers hiding on Rt 21.

Avoid a ticket, slow down!