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The Passaic – Clifton Jewish News (PCJN) is a news website featuring news that is of interest to people with a connection to the Jewish community of the Passaic – Clifton area.We have now expanded to Passaic and Bergen Countys

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8 03 2008


10 09 2008

who owns this site

1 07 2009
Elections Have Consequences

grammar corrections:

“We have now expanded to Passaic and Bergen Countys” COUNTIES Also put a SPACE before this sentence.

“Simcha’s Of The Month” An “APOSTROPHE S” indicates ownership. If you are meaning to say Simcha in plural (and I will leave the Hebrew grammar out of it for now) you should remove the apostrophe.

10 05 2010
Danielle Speyer

I would enjoy reading this.

29 04 2011

Rabbi Ben Zion Shafier has spoken many times for PTI and is well known in Passaic. I work in PR for him. Rabbi Shafier would like to know if he can send on a regular basis his parsha column (with video and wriiten form options) on a regular basis to your paper.
Also, he has written a sefer called Stop Surviving Start Living and was wondering if he can send in a book review. If a free ad space could be given in quarter or half page format it would be most appreciated
Please answer me asap most easily at the last email address. i can’t figure out how to email you any info Thanks gut Shabbos

29 04 2011

I hope you received my request for rabbi shafier to send a weekly parsha to your paper and to post a book review for his latest sefer. He speaks at PTI often

29 05 2012
Reb Shlomah

He most definitely can.

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