Gov. Corzine’s use of vast wealth is ‘corrosive’ to N.J. public

21 10 2009

We have become so accustomed to Gov. Jon Corzine’s money leaving its heavy mark on our state’s politics that we barely notice it anymore.

But we probably should. Because nine years after he arrived, using his money like a club to knock Jim Florio out of the U.S. Senate race, Corzine’s gaudy style of politics is still warping the game. And now he’s trying to hide his latest spending from voters until after the election.

Vice President Joe Biden stumps for Gov. Jon Corzine at Middlesex County College in EdisonPatti Sapone/The Star-Ledger Gov. Jon Corzine at a campaign event in Edison on Monday.

The latest revelation concerns the Rev. Reginald Jackson, head of the Black Minister’s Council, and one of the most sensible and constructive voices in our political life.

Jackson, we learned this week, accepted nearly $90,000 from Corzine before offering his endorsement of the governor in this race. The money was earmarked for church programs and for Jackson’s campaign to become a bishop in his church organization.

People who know Jackson understand that he is not the sort to take a bribe.

He is a sharp critic of the governor on urban education. He sides with Republicans in his advocacy of school vouchers. He led the effort to stamp out racial profiling by the State Police. Yet he was outspoken in denouncing the cheap use of the race card by politicians like the former Sen. Sharpe James. The reverend’s convictions run deep.

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