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10 09 2007
Al Barlas

Who Were Rivera’s “Guaranteed Votes” On City Council?

Passaic, NJ — District 36 Republican Assembly Candidates Carmen Pio Costa and Don Diorio call on Passaic Council President/Assemblyman Gary Schaer to join them in calling for an independent investigation into the Passaic City Council in light of Mayor Rivera’s arrest.

According to US Attorney Chris Christie’s charges, “Passaic Mayor Samuel ‘Sammy’ Rivera, 60, allegedly accepted $5,000 on Aug. 13, 2007, after assuring the Company that he could deliver four of seven city council votes to make the undercover company the insurance broker of record for Passaic.”

“This is why dual-office holding is so unfair to the taxpayers,” added Diorio. “Someone serving two demanding jobs can do neither well. This is just another example, like the healthcare benefits fiasco, of a distracted council president unable to see what’s happening right in front of him.”

Just a couple months ago, Gary Schaer admitted making an “egregious error” in voting for the Passaic Council to award themselves lifetime health benefits after only 15 years of part-time work, ten full years ahead of any other municipal employee. Schaer at first failed to even rescind the resolution before public outcry forced a second vote to cancel the benefits. Council members complained of not being able to “understand” the bill.

“After the arrest of Mayor Rivera, Councilman/Assemblyman Schaer said ‘the people of Passaic deserve honest government.’ It’s time Councilman/Assemblyman Schaer gave them that,” said Pio Costa.

10 09 2007
16 12 2007

very interesting

19 12 2007
kimberly santos


11 01 2008
Obama's racist letter


11 03 2008

Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS responded today to a 2 car Motor Vehicle Accident at the intersection of Brook Ave. and Passaic Ave. Hatzolah of Passaic/Clifton EMS transported 2 patients to St. Mary’s. Responding to the scene were 5 Hatzolah members, ALS, PD and FD.

4 05 2008
Stephanie Becker

New Kosher Retreat in Ocean City , Maryland
A unique vacation for those who want a get-a-way and bask in luxury. We serve healthy Kosher cuisine with three meals daily. Our retreat is upscale and brand new rooms that are nautical, and lush. Stays can be by the week, partial week, or Shabbos. There is a minyan one block away. We are in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and it is beautiful. Please visit our web site at or call directly (410) 440-9876. Be pampered by us!

5 05 2008

Kean University Students and Faculty have organized a demonstration that will take place today, May 5th, 2008, from 3:30 to 5:00, to protest the proposed schedule change presented by the office of the President, Dr. Dahrwood Fahrahi.

The schedule’s purpose, as explained by the president of the University, is to extend the class hours to several times a week in order to save energy and money.

Faculty argues that the schedule affects their classes, which will only be 50 minutes each, two to three times a week. Many of the senior professors will then have to leave the school because it is not profitable to teach. Models for Life drawing classes will not work in this schedule. Media & Film students will not be able to have their TV shows and classes because of the short amount of time.

Since Kean University is a commuter school, most students also have full time jobs they would have to quit in order to attend school full time, coming back and forth four to five times a week. Most students would be affected by this change. Student org has already met with the president several time, the response has been “if you don’t like it, start looking for a new school”..

We invite all the media to join us.

24 07 2008
Hatzolah Of Passaic/Clifton

Please change the Hatzalah number to the one that is recognized by the rabbanim intown. 973-773-9988

4 08 2008


22 09 2008
A Leiner

Just found your blog. Interesting!

Thought you’d be interested in a site NOT listed on your “Jewish” list:

4 10 2008
Gwendy vea

Native American and Jewish mixed artist has completed a most controversial piece title” Wall Street Totem”. It is going to be featured at The Mario Flores gallery in Miami Florida. This artist has never seen a color in his life and has never been political until Now! Yahoo or google Jay Lonewolf and read about the adversity he overcame. It is one of Americas most compelling stories. His myspace has gained over 11 million hits in the last six month…

23 10 2008
Bill Nye

you got the wrong hatzolah i wonder who made this website

12 11 2008
Barry Levine

I was told that the hospital in Passaic Park only admits Jews. Is that correct?? I do not believe that that is true, that Jews would be prejudiced against the ill and infirm. Please reply. Thank you.

19 12 2008
Eli Gewirtz

There is a reprehensible mistake on your site. The memorial to Sharon Leinkram at the Partners in Torah breakfast lists an incorrect name – that of a living woman! PLEASE REMOVE THIS POST IMMEDIATELY and daven for the complete refuah of Simcha Esther bas Chaya Pesha.

23 02 2009
Bill Nye

Hey Dovid. your the biggest loser i know. you r a rusha and i wonder wat G-d is going to do to u after you leave this world. I could think of so many aveiros that you’ve been over brabim. Here are a few:
Locking up Jews
Speaking/writing/Mailing/Calling Loshon Hora
Not listening to rabbis
Making fun of Rabbis
Constantly seeking Kavod
Making a chilul hashem almost weekly
Should i keep going or you had enough

24 02 2009
Shira Eisenberg

How about you guys list all your kosher restaurants and their phone numbers, addresses and hours so that people coominh from out of town can look them up?

3 03 2009
Draft Codey

NJ Gov Jon Corzine is a disaster, so we should Draft Codey to run for Governor! If enough people speak out and show their support, Codey could come back!

ALSO, please send a message via email to letting us know if we can purchase advertising on your website.

5 03 2009

Very interesting news.

9 03 2009

passaic police dispathed to aspen place on shots fired

11 04 2009
Fred Komarow

Anyone have any comments or thoughts on the shul Shomrei Torah (Rabbi Weinberger) wants to build at the corner of Virginia Ave and Dwasline?

The current plans call for a 15,000 square foot building to be constructed behind the existing house. The building will contain a 3300 square foot multipurpose/social hall, mikveh, classrooms, etc. Most of the property will be paved over to accommodate parking, with driveway exits and entrances on both streets.

This is a disgrace and a chutzpah of monumental proportions. Every person I have spoken with in the surrounding area within Rosemawr is against it, although few will bother to open their mouths in public.

Likewise I have received some stupid comments about my objection to this project. The mindset is anyone who is frum is supposed to roll over and play dead because a shul wants to destroy a neighborhood. Fat chance.

Any comments? I’d love to hear them.

29 04 2009
Lisa Moren

There is a great story being covers by an international online magazine called lifeinthefastlane . It is about a Jewish,Apache mixed artist being persecuted by hate groups for simply displaying his art. You have to check it out and weigh in your opinions…

29 04 2009
Lisa Moren

Sorry the artist name is Jay Lonewolf…

18 05 2009
Eka Macfoy

I called and left a message and my call was return but was given the wrong call back number. The story was on a daycare center in College Park Georgia. The Center is having a hard time but at the same time they have lower their fee’s to $55.00 per child they are open 24/7 they also have a hardship program if a parent run into a hard time the child can still come to the center until the parent find employment (30 days at no cost). This is not only helping the parents but also the center… some money is better than none The center have been operating for 16 years a family run company. We are trying to let the public know that there is good child care without the high cost, so they don’t fill like they are working just to pay childcare, The times is bad and not getting better at this time and we must help each other. We have to get the news out. Contact person Eka 404-7818606 email

27 05 2009
watchin and waiting

here is something very interesting. It appears that the puppet is holding on for dear life.

Apparently, Puppet Mayor Blanco cannot start his administration unless his puppetmaster Schear approves of them. Blanco has set up talented personnel to come in run city hall efficiently but cannot go forward because his master wont allow it.

I guess all the campaign flyers from Capauana have come to be true, the guy wont do anything without Gary’s permission. If Gary wanted to be mayor why didnt he run.

It appears that the Capuana people are licking their chops and gearing up for a recall. Especially since this mayor hasnt accomplished not one thing since he came into office…NOT ONE! Further, Gary loves it that way.

Maybe we would have been better with Capauana there, at least something would have been happening. Sit wait and watch how a recall begins.

7 06 2009
21 08 2009
a black man

no more section 8 for the black and the white in passaic someone need to stop it maybe we need to go to gov jon corzine to stop the favoritism. and you no i can not tell you email because you no.

9 10 2009

Nice Site

17 10 2009
Richard Yohuf

I heard the news today that international Jewish/Apache artist jay Lonewolf past away in his home of heart complications. he shall truly be missed in the art world. For those of you who do not know Jay. His is an interesting and very fascinating story. Google his name and read how that artist suffered all his life but still found the time to create for humanity. I was offended when I read the story printed eight months ago called “When Freedom of expression goes terribly Wrong”. Read it and you will ubderstand the suffering of jay Lonewolf.

24 12 2009
Bill Nye

Please take off my comment that was written in the end of february i was wrong and it wasnt nice

11 04 2010
Ace Hanna

Hi All,

I’m an American/Canadian living in Calgary, AB., Canada. I’m advocating for a 12 yr. old Jewish Canadian child named Noah Kirkman. Noah has been held in foster care in Lane county, Oregon for the last two years. Noah and his sister were visiting their stepfather in Oregon in 2008 when Noah was 10 yrs. old. Noah was picked up by local police for not wearing a helmet while riding his bike. Lane county Judge Kip Leonard instead of following protocol and turning Noah over to U.S. Immigration threw the child into Christian foster care knowing that the child was Jewish and a Canadian citizen. This is clear abuse of the ‘Hague Adoption Convention and the Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act’. Which states that the child should be turned over to the child’s country of origin and to the custodial parent. That parent is his mother Lisa Kirkman who lives here in Calgary, AB.. Noah has no blood relatives in the United States. This is an abduction. The following is a quote from Lisa after the latest custody hearing in Oregon on Friday April 9th 2010;

“Well, the results of the Disposition Review Hearing are in and they are… nothing’s changed whatsoever. In fact, now the judge is saying he won’t even consider sending Noah home before the school year’s over, because it would “disturb” him too much. Like being held in a foreign country’s foster care system for two years isn’t disturbing enough. I’m very disappointed and not very surprised. Now what? I don’t know. My brain hurts almost as much as my heart. :-(”

We need your help to overcome this abuse of the Hague Adoption Convention and the Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act. Judge Leonard has an agenda from my perspective. As an American/Canadian I’m outraged about this. So please help us by writing your Congressman and Senator and ask them to send Noah Kirkman back to his family and Canada.

Ace Hanna
Calgary, AB.

14 04 2010

When is the Jewish community gonna thank WW2 veterans for liberating them?

Until then, stop whining about everything little thing that offends you.

You being offended at trivial things, such as the phrase “Merry Christmas” offends me. Will someone address that for me sometime? I’m offended.

Grow up.

28 02 2011
Montclair Bikery

Come learn how to keep your bicycle running with help from the master mechanics at the Montclair Bikery. There are 4 free sessions in March with prizes and refreshments. If you are interested in attending, reserve your place now by emailing or by calling 973.744.7252. All classes are held in the Service Area of the Montclair Bikery from 7:30-8:30

March 3 – “Keeping Your Ride Rolling” (Topics include: How to Change a Flat, How to Check Tire Wear, How to True a Wheel)
March 10 – “Keeping Your Ride Shifting” (Topics include: How to Correct Chain Rub, How to Fix a Skipping Chain, How to Check for Chain Wear)
March 17 – “Keeping Your Ride Clean” (Topics include: General Frame Maintenance, Cleaning your Bike)
March 24 – “Keeping Your Ride Safe” (Topics include: Keeping your Brakes from Breaking, Checking for Brake Pad Wear)

Thanks for running this! Let us know if you have any questions: Gerry or Joe 973.744.7252, Montclair Bikery

22 12 2011
chani f
27 01 2012
Deborah Joyce Dowe

Check out the Muhlenberg Independents blog.

A crime took place within the health care crisis. No one asked to see financial records and readily blamed the immigrants and uninsured and didn’t question compensation packages that added up to millions. We will never give up.

16 04 2012
Marlene B. Pissott

Clifton, NJ – April 13, 2012 – Spuntino Wine Bar & Italian Tapas is opening Monday, April 23, 2012. The restaurant is located at Clifton Commons, Route 3, at 94 Kingsland Road (across from Target) in Clifton, NJ 07014.

Spuntino’ uniqueness comes from sharing Italian tapas and pizza with family and friends providing freedom from the traditional three-course meal. Diners enjoy tapas­a variety of small dishes and hand-stretched pizzas that can be mixed and matched and paired with an impressive selection of Italian wines.
Executive Chef Joshua Bernstein graduated first in his class from the Culinary Institute of America in 1999, and is the former owner of 9 North Restaurant in Wayne, NJ, which received critical acclaim and three stars from the New York Times and Bergen Record in recognition of his culinary talents. Josh oversees a creative menu of Italian tapas that are perfectly portioned to offer endless opportunities for a meal like no other. The flavorful Italian tapas menu includes more than 50 plates including antipasti, bruschettas, salads, vegetables, meatballs, pasta, hand-stretched thin crust pizza, and grill offerings. Affordably priced, the tapas are offered in addition to a fine selection of premium meats and cheeses sliced fresh for you at the Salumi and Formaggi Corner­Spuntino’ Italian cheeses and cured meats bar.

Spuntino offers 42 Italian wines by the glass and more than 100 wines by the bottle, including special reserve offerings. Spuntino showcases its 1,800 Italian bottles of wine in temperature-controlled glass cabinets. Spuntino’ resident Sommelier will be on hand to provide friendly wine education and assist with personal selections to perfectly complement each meal. In addition, nine Italian beers are also available.
Spuntino provides a warm and inviting setting created with wood, tile and steel industrial aesthetics along with booths and communal seating that support the intimate design, by architect Paul Portell of Portell Architecture, PLLC.

Michael Guido, is the general manager of the open-kitchen restaurant. Spuntino will be open seven days a week, including late nights to accommodate the late-night dining crowd. A wonderfully-private dining room is available for intimate parties and corporate celebrations. Ample complimentary parking is available and all major credit cards are accepted.

To view the menu and learn more about Spuntino, please visit

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