You Can Save A Life ; Just take a fiew minutes and wipe the Ice/Snow off your car

13 01 2008


Above is a picture of a car that was smashed from falling ice. Please be considerate for your fellow freinds. Please take the extra fiew minutes to clear snow or ice off your car. Please use caution when driving leave extra time.

It was unseasonably warm last week, but it didn’t keep me from encountering people who sympathized — just barely — with this column’s call to ban the kind of road hazard that we call the Snow and Ice That Fall Twice.

That’s the kind of white junk that leaves the other guy’s car or truck, hits your windshield and makes your whole life flash in front of you. You know the kind:

* The Route 17 kind that killed Ridgewood’s Michael Eastman nearly 12 years ago.

* The Route 287 kind that caused Hawthorne’s Bob and Mary Mahon to chase after the car whose icy load smashed their windshield last year.

* The Route 80 kind that ran Kinnelon’s Tara Varner and her 2-year-old off the road last month.

Shouldn’t New Jersey fine drivers whose vehicles carry snow? Currently, statute 39:4-77.1 makes it illegal only when it causes damage or injury.

Cathy Eastman understands this because the vehicle whose icy load crushed her husband’s skull was long gone by the time police arrived. Tara, Bob, Mary and most of the 2,000 readers who sent me petitions early this year also get it.

But not some folks I’ve encountered. “There are thousands of SUVs, many driven by women,” said Pequannock’s E.L. Quigley. “They can’t clean ice off the tops of their vehicles.”

Ray R. also sympathizes, but:

“Do you have suggestions for clearing … snow from an SUV that’s been out overnight WITHOUT damaging the hood, roof rack or moon roof?” asked the Fair Lawn man. “Pushing snow off is easy, but after past storms, thick solid ice and packed snow didn’t budge after the car’s heater was on for 20 minutes.”

* Run a garden hose over the car with the heater running, but do this for short periods to avoid cracking the windshield.

* Put old cardboard, canvas or a rug over the vehicle before it snows, and yank it off after the storm.

* Run the engine for an hour, long enough to free frozen snow, or at least to help clear it.

Some consider all this unnecessary. One woman, 72, said: “If I can clean my SUV, so can anybody.” Cathy Eastman, who’s 5 feet 1, says she does it. And Passaic News.


Car Plunges off Route 21 and falls to the ground upside down;

13 01 2008

Passaic New Jersey —Three people escaped death early Sunday morning after the car they were riding in plunged off rt 21 onto a local street , police and fire officials said.The male driver and the two passengers were able to escape from the vehicle before Police and E.M.S arrived.

The accident happened on Rt 21 but the car fell about 15 feet to the ground upside down  near Columbia and Passaic street. According to police, the driver of the car lost control of the vehicle around 1 a.m. The car struck the guard rail, flipped over and took a  tree down and fell to the ground. The rear window of the car popped out, allowing an escape route. Police said the driver and passengers were taken by Hatzolah Of North Jersey And Passaic E.M.S as well as Paramedics from the scene. Their conditions are not known at this time but they were transported to Saint Joes Trauma Center

Five Car Accident brings out 15 Volunteers from Hatzolah E.M.S.

25 12 2007
Passaic New Jersey Five car motor vehicle accident. on the corner of Brook Ave and Passaic Ave in the heart of the Jewish Community. The accident occurred at approximately  1 am early this morning. Hatzolah Of North Jersey E.M.S. was first on scene at the achatzolah.jpgcident. Hatzolah E.M.S. requested Paramedics as well as Fire Department for one aided in the back seat that was trapped in one of the cars. Hatzolah E.M.S transported four patients with paramedics aboard and Passaic E.M.S. transported one patient. All of the 5 patients were transported to Saint Joseph’s Medical Center in Paterson. One of the drivers of one of the cars was under 18. Passaic Police and Passaic County Sherrif also on scene. One resident who heard the crash said he heard the accident and he was amazed by the 15 Hatzolah Volunteer’s that responded so quickly. He said, “It’s truly amazing to have such a reliable organization”.

Passaic has yet another fire

24 12 2007

PASSAIC — A fire at 220 Sixth St. destroyed one second-floor apartment, leaving heavy water and smoke damage in several nearby apartments and on upper floors. The Saturday night blaze also forced the city Housing Authority to relocate 12 residents, while 10 others found alternate lodging on their own, Sgt. Hershel Rawls of the Passaic Police Department, said Sunday.

In all, eight apartments were vacated as a result of the fire, according to the police report, Rawls said.

No residents were hurt in the blaze, although two firefighters sustained minor injuries and were treated and released from St. Mary’s Hospital, said Deputy Fire Chief Allen Roman.

A third firefighter suffered more serious injuries to his ankle including torn ligaments, Roman said. He was taken to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson where he was treated and released.

Roman said the firefighter will be off duty until his ankle can be surgically repaired. The fire was reported just before 11 p.m. and the blaze was brought under control by 11:23 p.m., Roman said. Though the cause of the fire is still under investigation, investigators believe it was possibly started by someone smoking in bed.

Cops Looking for FedEx Truck,Truck Jacked

21 12 2007
NEW YORK (AP)  — Gun-toting carjackers made off with a FedEx delivery truck after accosting the driver at a stoplight in Manhattan early Friday, police said.

Forced out of the truck and into another car, the driver was found around 1:30 a.m. in Brooklyn, police said. They were interviewing him later Friday.

The driver wasn’t hurt, police and FedEx Corp. spokesman Steve Barber said.

The FedEx Express truck was headed to a company facility in Newark, N.J., Barber said. While the driver was stopped at a traffic light on the far western side of midtown Manhattan, two men confronted him, brandishing a gun, according to police.

Police and Barber said they didn’t know the truck’s contents or their value. Police described the truck as an 18-wheeler.

Passaic Councilman to plead guilty today

18 12 2007

Passaic City Councilman Marcellus Jackson has a date in federal court today to plead guilty to corruption charges growing out of a bribes-for-votes probe that netted 11 public officials across the state.

Jackson, 38, a Baptist deacon who was reelected to the City Council in May, was expected to admit his guilt during a scheduled 11 a.m. hearing before U.S. District Judge Anne E. Thompson in Trenton, her chambers said Monday.

He would become the sixth defendant to be convicted as a result of an FBI sting code-named “Operation Broken Boards.”

J. Gregory Reinert, a spokesman for U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie, said the office does not comment on upcoming pleas.

Clifton defense attorney Miles R. Feinstein confirmed that Jackson intends to plead guilty at the hearing. He declined to comment further.

The councilman was arrested Sept. 6 on charges that he solicited and accepted $16,500 in bribes in exchange for using his influence to steer business to representatives of an FBI undercover company.

The insurance brokerage, Coastal Solutions of Egg Harbor Township, employed cooperating witnesses and undercover agents who passed out more than $150,000 in bribes during the probe.

Former state Assemblyman Alfred Steele of Paterson and four past and present members of the Pleasantville Board of Education have so far admitted they accepted payoffs to influence the award of public contracts.

Three others — Orange Mayor Mims Hackett Jr.; Keith Reid, the former chief of staff for Newark’s council president; and James McCormick, a former Pleasantville school board member — have been indicted for allegedly extorting bribes and are awaiting trial.

Passaic Mayor Sammy Rivera and Jonathan Soto, a former councilman, also arrested in the September sweep, have been granted 60-day continuances in their cases.

Between January and May of this year, authorities charged that Jackson met in Egg Harbor Township, at an Atlantic City hotel, and in cars in Clifton and Newark to accept bribes from the FBI’s operatives. Many of the meetings were recorded by the FBI.

Initially cautious, Jackson appeared to relax as the cash payments flowed.

“I appreciate it, baby. Good things is going to happen,” he allegedly said on April 5 after accepting $6,000 from one of the cooperating witnesses.

Rivera said Tuesday that Jackson has been a “longtime friend” and that “I have my prayers for him.”

“I wish him the best,” he added.

Rivera said he didn’t believe that Jackson’s plea would affect his case, “One thing doesn’t have to do with the other,” he said. He referred all further questions to his attorney, Henry E. Klingeman.

Jackson, 37, an inspector for the Passaic Valley Sewage Commission, has served on the City Council for more than six years. He first ran for election in 2001 and lost, placing sixth in a field of eight candidates. But the council appointed him to serve out Rivera’s council term after Rivera was elected mayor. Jackson then sought to be elected in a November special election. At that time, the state attorney general announced it would not try to bar Jackson from the ballot, despite a prior drug conviction.

Jackson has played an active role in city political life as the former president of the city’s Democratic club and the lone black councilman on the seven-member council. Jackson is a deacon at the Calvary Baptist Church in Garfield.

Since his arrest in September, Jackson has continued to attend City Council meetings and play an active role in politics.

Calvin Merritt, president of the Passaic chapter of the NAACP, said even if Jackson pleads guilty, he will consider him a friend.

“If he did what the government is saying, I would say it was an error of judgment on his part,” he said, then added: “Friendship goes beyond things like this. You can tell who your true friends are when trouble arises.”

We at P.C.J.N. wish Passaic City Councilman Marcellus Jackson  all the best on behalf of the Passaic/Clifton  Jewish Community.

Clifton Police Officer Was Injured When Route 19 Turns Into A Car Skating Rank

16 12 2007

Clifton New Jersey- – Clifton Police got several reports at about 6:45 Pm of several cars spinning out of control near the Broad Street exit on Rt 19. The Clifton officers got on scene and advised their dispatcher that they should call the State to come salt the Highway due to the Highway being like an Ice Skating Rank. Moments after the officer advised the dispatcher of the condition of the Highway another passenger car skid right in to one of the Police cruisers. The police officers car was pushed about 30 feet forward all-though their was very little damage to the vehicles. The Officer was taken to Saint Mary’s Hospital in Passaic by Clifton Fire Dept E.M.S. No one else was reported to have any injuries. The Route 19 Highway was closed down by the Passaic County Sherrifs Dept. untill the salt trucks come to salt the Highway and is safe.P.C.J.N was the first to report this story.