Update in iran

24 06 2009

iran protestCAIRO -Iran’s supreme leader says the government won’t give in to pressures over the disputed presidential election, effectively closing the door to compromise with the opposition. Iran also said it was considering downgrading ties with Britain, which it has accused of spying and fomenting days of unprecedented street protests over the vote. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in a meeting with lawmakers that: “Neither the system nor the people will give in to pressures at any price.” Opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi claims that hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stole the June 12 presidential election through massive fraud. He has called for annulling the results and holding a new vote.      ap.com


New Jersey mulls becoming among few to ban Iran investments

17 12 2007

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey on Monday was expected to move toward becoming one of the few states to prohibit state pension money from being invested in companies doing business in Iran.

The move is designed in protest of the country’s links to terrorism and its nuclear ambitions.

Most American companies are barred from doing business in Iran, but the state Senate was slated to vote on legislation restricting the state from buying stock in international companies that do business with Iran. The Assembly voted 78-1 in June to approve the measure.If approved by the Senate it goes to Democratic Gov. Jon S. Corzine for his signature.

Corzine’s administration has said it would prefer maximum freedom to make investment choices, but has said it was reviewing the bill.

Florida earlier this year became the first state to approve such a law, according to the Center for Security Policy, a Washington, D.C-based nonprofit that pushes states to divest public money from counties linked to terrorism.

Florida’s law also banned investments in Sudan, and the board governing Florida’s public employee retirement fund authorized it to divest nearly $1.3 billion invested with 21 companies doing business in the two nations.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in October signed legislation to end state investment in companies that do business with Iran.

“Divesting is a key component of preventing Iran from their efforts to oppress their citizens, terrorize their neighbors and spread hatred throughout the world,” said New Jersey Sen. Robert Singer, R-Ocean. “New Jersey shouldn’t be complicit in perpetuating human rights violations and the spreading of terrorism.”

New Jersey Assemblyman Neil Cohen cited anti-Israeli comments made by Iranian leaders. Nj.com

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The So Called “Rabbi” Friedman harassed by zionists

17 12 2007

Rabbi Moishe Arye Friedman, who is the Chief Rabbi of the Orthodox Anti-Zionist Community of Austria, his wife Lea and six of their seven returned to their home in Vienna recently after almost two months in Iran at the guest house of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

After returning they founded out that all their belongings have been stolen.

“Austrian Zionist Jewish Community leaders have admitted having conducted burglary and theft at my house,” Friedman told Press TV on Sunday.

In a statement last week to the Austrian Press Agency (APA) the Austrian Zionist Jewish Community known as the IKG (Israelitische Kultus Gemeinde) officially admitted being behind the burglary, he said.

Accordingly, the family filed the formal criminal complaints against the IKG, and criminal proceedings are currently under way against the perpetrators.

This is not the first time the community commits crimes against its opponents in Austria.

Back in Dec 2002 the IKG –in an unsuccessful raid attempted to occupy and terrorize –attacked the synagogue of Austrians Orthodox Zionist Community headed by Rabbi Friedman.

In addition to the burglary the IKG filed various complaints against Friedman’s interviews and lectures at Iranian universities, where he praised Tehran for allowing freedom of speech and free scientific research on the Holocaust.

Last Week the Austrian prosecutors finally rejected and entirely closed all the files against the Rabbi.

Shas minister: Americans’ attitude to report reminiscent of Auschwitz

11 12 2007

Israel-Yitzhak Cohen says during cabinet meeting ‘US intelligence report was ordered by someone who wants dialogue with Tehran. Minister Eli Yishai: ‘We must not play dumb in the face of the report’s findings’
“The manner in which the Americans relate to the intelligence report on Iran is similar to the way in which they viewed those reports they received during the Holocaust on railways transporting hundreds of thousands of Jews to their death at Auschwitz,” Minister Yitzhak Cohen of Shas said during a security cabinet meeting Sunday morning on the Iranian nuclear issue. “It can not be that (US President George W.) Bush is committed to peace as was declared at Annapolis, and then the Americans propagate such an intelligence report which contradicts the information we have proving Iran intends to obtain nuclear weapons,” Cohen said. “How can we rely on the Americans if they publish this report that emasculates what the world explicitly knows regarding Iran, and renders impotent the entire struggle against the Iranians?”

Minister Cohen asserted that the report must have been “ordered by someone who wants dialogue with Tehran” and formulated an historical analogy to express just how serious the situation is: “In the middle of the previous century the Americans received intelligence reports from Auschwitz on the packed trains going to the extermination camps. They claimed then that the railways were industrial. Their attitude today to the information coming out of Iran on the Iranians’ intention to produce a nuclear bomb reminds one of their attitude during the holocaust.”

Cabinet Member Cohen had this to say to his fellow ministers not present in the meeting: “Whoever thinks that the president of Iran is a lover of Zion, with Kosher certification from the Americans, misleads and is mislead. He is not a lover of Zion, but instead an aspiring strangler of Zion. Someone in America fell asleep on his watch, but we must remain awake and aware.”

‘Pressure on Iran must continue’

Neither Cohen nor the Shas party would confirm nor deny the remarks the minister made in the meeting.

Earlier a senior security source told Ynet that “Iran will do all in its power to proceed on the path (to a nuclear weapon), while trying to confuse the western world.” In the meeting, policy makers attempted to formulate the Israeli response to the America National , published last week, which asserted that Iran suspended its activities for acquiring nuclear weapons in 2003.Ynet

Officials from 40 Nations at Mideast summit

27 11 2007


WASHINGTON (CNN) — With a Mideast summit starting Tuesday in Maryland, Israeli and Palestinian officials worked late into the night trying to hammer out a joint agreement on how negotiations would move forward, diplomats from several delegations said.

But the two sides have not agreed on several issues and there was no guarantee that any work plan would be agreed upon, the diplomats said.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was cautious but hopeful the parties could finish an agreement, diplomats said.

But Hamas leader Ismail Haniya denounced the Annapolis summit in a televised address Tuesday.

“The Palestinian people will not be bound by anything the Palestinian Authority agrees to in Annapolis,” he said.

Israeli and Palestinian leaders on Monday expressed hope and optimism that a renewed peace effort will emerge from the conference.

Hours apart, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas spoke to reporters alongside President Bush, following separate talks at the White House.

Abbas said he hoped the conference would trigger expanded negotiations with Israel that would lead to a permanent peace deal, calling the event a “historic initiative.”

Olmert explained to reporters that this visit was different “because we’re going to have lots of participants involved.”

“I hope we’re going to launch a serious process of negotiations between us and the Palestinians,” said Olmert. “This will be a bilateral process but the international support is very important.”

Representatives of more than 40 countries, including a wide array of Arab nations such as Syria and Saudi Arabia, will attend the conference at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Monday night, Bush, Olmert and Abbas attended a dinner held by Rice.

In a toast at the dinner, Bush said Israeli and Palestinian leaders would need to make “difficult compromises” in order to achieve a breakthrough during the summit but gave his personal commitment to a renewed peace process between the two sides.

“The extremists and terrorists want our efforts to fail,” Bush said. “We offer a more hopeful vision of a Middle East growing in freedom and dignity and prosperity.”

The Bush administration is hoping the conference will trigger final status talks on major issues such as Jerusalem and Israeli borders.

U.S. officials are looking for a commitment by the Palestinians and Israelis to carry out previous agreements linked to the “road map” plan for Mideast peace.

United States agrees to hold talks with Iran again

20 11 2007


The United States has accepted an Iraqi proposal to hold new talks with Iran about the security situation in Iraq, the State Department said Tuesday.

The as-yet unscheduled meeting would be the third round of talks between Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, and his Iranian counterpart. Two previous sessions ended inconclusively with Iran rejecting U.S. allegations that it is supporting Shia insurgent groups in Iraq by providing bombmaking material responsible for the deaths of American troops.

Amid a decline in attacks involving such devices, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said Washington had responded favorably to a suggestion from the Iraqi government that it was now “the appropriate time” for another meeting at the ambassadorial level in Baghdad.

“We said ‘yes,’ that we would agree to that,” he told reporters, adding that the United States had informed Iran of its acceptance through diplomatic channels that normally involve Swiss intermediaries. AP

Tehran, Iran -The Disgraced MF Calls Iran the Best Model for Human Rights for Children

19 11 2007


Tehran, Iran – MF (Moishe Arye Friedman) of Austria has said Iran is the best model for human rights for children.

Friedman, his wife Lea, and six of their seven children just returned to their home in Vienna, Austria after almost two months in Iran.
Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad warmly welcomed them and said he would join them in prayers and celebrations in Jerusalem when it is liberated from Zionism and the Zionist regime.
MF said that there is no place in the world where Jews have so much freedom to practice their religion, adding that Iran’s Jews also enjoy all the other advantages of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
They said European countries should implement their laws on the human rights of children in their own lands before dictating to the Islamic Republic of Iran, which they called the best model for human rights for children.

He and his family also visited the tombs of Mordechai and Esther in Hamedan. [mehrnews] Vosizneias