New Jersey Executed 61,150 Babies last year but gets rid of the Death Penalty For Murderer’s

22 01 2008


I assume many others like me were shocked and disheartened to learn that New Jersey is No. 2 in the nation in its abortion rate (“New Jersey abortion rate remains 2nd in U.S.,” Page A-1, Jan. 17). A state that just ended the death penalty still allows that penalty for 61,150 babies a year.

The number of abortions nationally was given as 1.21 million a year. If that number of newborns was killed each year, there would be a tremendous outcry. Yet because the victims of abortion are unseen, this barbaric practice continues. The other victims are the mothers, who will usually suffer untold emotional distress in the future.

It is hard to see how our country will remain great and good while allowing this widespread killing of millions of helpless and innocent babies.

Patricia D. Keene

Harrington Park, Jan. 17

With sadness, I read that 61,150 unborn babies were killed last year by abortionists in New Jersey (“New Jersey abortion rate remains 2nd in U.S.,” Page A-1, Jan. 17).

Shame on us. To be ranked at the top of the list in this brutal, reprehensible operation is a disgrace and shows how far we have fallen. New Jersey has turned upside down — abortions at the top, values and morals at the bottom.

We have Safe Havens, homes for unwed mothers, adoption, Birthright, Turning Point, pro-life help to keep your child. It’s never too late to change, New Jersey, to become compassionate and loving. Next year let us help to save 61,150 babies. We can do it. Let us help one another.

Mary Ellen Carney