Women Passing Out Anti-Obama Papers Spattered With Paint In Clifton

29 10 2009

paintCLIFTON —  Two women distributing pamphlets opposing President Obama’s health care plan were squirted with purple paint by a woman who didn’t agree with their message.

The suspect, who fled before police arrived, approached the table on Oct. 20 at about 4:42 p.m. and picked up one of the handouts, said detective Capt. Robert Rowan. After reading the information, Rowan said the woman became angry and told the two women she was not happy that they were comparing the President to fascists.

After reading the information she left, but returned a short while later, Rowan said, armed with purple acrylic brilliant paint, which she squirted on the table, the handouts and the women. The paint was purchased at the nearby AC Moore craft store in the shopping center at the corner of Allwood Road and Bloomfield Avenue.

Police responded but were unable to locate the suspect, described as a white woman in her 20s with dark hair tied up in a ponytail, about 5 feet 8 inches tall and about 140 pounds. The handouts, the table and a number of clip boards were ruined by the paint, Rowan said.

Initially police said the women were distributing the anti-health care information on behalf of a local pharmaceutical company, but on further investigation they said they learned the victims were distributing the pamphlets on behalf of a Lyndon LaRouche political action committee.

LaRouche is a political activist who has run for president of the United States under the Labor Party and the Democratic Party.

(News Source: NorthJersey. com)


Feds: Leader of Radical Islam Group Killed FBI Shootout

29 10 2009

fbiDETROIT — Federal authorities in Detroit say they fatally shot the leader of a radical fundamentalist Sunni Islam group after he failed to surrender on several criminal charges.

The U.S. attorney’s office says Luqman Ameen Abdullah was killed while exchanging gunfire with federal agents Wednesday at a warehouse in Dearborn.

A court document says Abdullah is an imam, or prayer leader, of a radical group whose primary mission is to establish an Islamic state within the United States. Authorities say he’s also known as Christopher Thomas.

The FBI was trying to round up Abdullah and 10 followers on many charges, including conspiracy to sell stolen goods and illegal possession and sale of firearms.

The FBI says Abdullah regularly preached anti-government rhetoric, and some of his followers converted to Islam while in prison.

(News Source: MyCentral Jersey.com)

Police ID Passaic Man Shot Dead

26 10 2009

pcmePASSAIC — Police have identified a city man who was found shot near Broadway and Grove Street last night.

Khalil Bunting, 27, was shot on Grove Street about 7:30 p.m. last night, and ran onto Broadway before collapsing in the street in front of a printing shop, police and witnesses said. The man was kissing a woman in front of an apartment complex on Grove Street just before a shot rang out about 7:30 p.m., said Maria Cerna, who saw the pair from the sign company she works at across the street.

A man closing up a supermarket on Broadway and Grove Street saw Bunting and the woman running around the corner before he collapsed.

“I heard a really loud bang   —   I thought it was a truck,” said Jeremy Lim, who works at R J Superette. “I heard a guy running down Grove Street, and he turns left onto Broadway. He said ‘I got shot.’”

Lim, who is a lifeguard, called 911 and tried to help Bunting, but his friends who showed up kept him away. An ambulance took Bunting to a local hospital where he apparently died.

Police did not release any information on suspects, saying the investigation was ongoing. Lt. Christopher Storzillo said an autopsy is underway.

Business owners in the area were told by police on the scene last night that a man in a hooded sweatshirt shot the victim in the back. Many today were stunned that a shooting happened on their block.

“We’ve never had anything like this before,” said Merlita Lim, who’s owned R J Superette for about 20 years.

Police are investigating the shooting death but have not released details.

(News Source: NorthJersey.com)

Breaking News:::: Major Gas Main Was Just Busted

22 10 2009

Passaic N.J. Major gas main was just busted by a construction company at the corner of Main Avenue and Highland Avenue. The gas leak is reported in the new school. Multiple agencies are responding at this time. Passaic Fire is requesting P.S.E & G on a rush. Main Avenue is being blocked off by the Passaic Police at this time expect major delays in the area. Homes are being evacuated in the area.

Update– 2:45 Passaic Fire evacuating all Highland Avenue residents in the area. Clifton Police requested to block off Main Avenue in Clifton.

Update–2:49 Passaic Fire loads the fire hoses as a precautionary measure. Additional Fire trucks arrive on scene to help with evacuations. Construction company is shutting down all of their generators in the area.

Update–2:50 P.S.E & G representative on location at this time, P.S.E & G rep awaiting the gas shut off team.

Update–2:55 Passaic Police reaching out to the Passaic County Sheriff Department for more officers to block off streets in the area.

Update–2:57 P.S.E & G Gas shut off team on location and attempting to shut off the gas main on Main Avenue and Highland.

Update–3:09 As per Passaic Police and Passaic Fire all units will be leaving the scene within 15 minutes. P.S.E & G shut off the gas at this time.

P.B.J.N Staff on behalf of the residents of the City Of Passaic would like to thank the Passaic Police department and the Passaic Fire department for keeping us safe and protected.

P.B.J.N Exclusive Report

Reform temple’s on Simchat Torah

22 10 2009

Members of Temple Beth Shalom reform temple of Clifton enter the sanctuary during a recent Simcah Torah service at Temple Ner Tamid of Bloomfield. The two congregations merged over the summer, and Beth Shalom’s Torah scrolls were subsequently added alongside Ner Tamid’s.

(News Source NorthJersey.com/PBJN)


22 10 2009

The Corzine administration and Democrat leadership that claim to care for New Jersey health care system has failed New Jersey hospitals.

A total of 15 acute-care hospitals have closed around the state since 1997, including 11 in the northeastern counties of Bergen, Essex, Hudson and Passaic, according to the New Jersey Hospital Association.  Among the most recent are Barnert Hospital in Paterson, Pascack Valley in Westwood and Union Hospital. We have witnessed dramatic fall of Passaic hospitals with the last of the three in bankruptcy proceedings this year.

All of this happened under years of Democrat rule in New Jersey.

The Kaiser Family Foundation, a national foundation committed to sound health policy, ranks New Jersey 50th — second lowest in the nation — in terms of healthcare expenditures to hospitals. And Public Citizen, a national consumer watchdog group, ranked New Jersey’s Medicaid program 39th out of the 50 states, largely due to its poor reimbursement to providers. New Jersey, in fact, ranked dead last in reimbursement, according to the Public Citizen analysis. Other groups have witnessed New Jersey’s difficulties and responded. Standard & Poor’s, a major Wall Street ratings group, has downgraded the credit rating of many New Jersey hospitals and predicts that the state will experience additional hospital closures due to its harsh marketplace.

Major problem causing hospital closing is not enough funding for charity care. Presently, all hospitals receive at least 50 cents back for every $1 of charity care they provide. Those “safety net” hospitals that serve most of New Jersey’s uninsured population must receive at least 96 cents to ensure their ability to continue serving patients. We estimate that at least 50 percent of the charity care is used by illegal aliens using the emergency rooms in our hospitals.

As a result the unfunded mandates on hospitals effectively ask them to provide uninsured individuals with the catastrophic health insurance they are free not to procure, at the expense of insured patients and, in the case of investor-owned hospitals, of shareholders as well.

In 1995, New Jersey had 112 acute care hospitals. As of 2008, there were 75 hospitals remaining with half of them losing money. Read the rest of this entry »

Democrats Want Orthodox Vote, Robert Yudin Says it’s Not Going to Happen!

22 10 2009

New Jersey – The Democrats’ outreach to Jews in the New Jersey gubernatorial race came into focus this week as the National Jewish Democratic Council began a special focus on Bergen County and its large Orthodox population.

“We are really focusing hard on northern New Jersey, especially Bergen County,” said Linda Berg, NJDC’s political director. “I really can’t give you a sense of how much we are spending. Our members are busy raising money. We have an ad campaign, and we will be doing direct mail, but we don’t like to disclose numbers,” she said.

With an estimated 100,000 Jews — 15,000 of them in the Orthodox community — Bergen has a higher concentration of Jewish voters than any other county in the state.

“We feel there are a lot of Jews there, and we want to make sure we don’t have a fallout of the Democratic vote in a place where there is a big concentration of voters,” Berg said.

She is dispatching organizers “who are going to events where Jewish voters gather” and “doing phone-banking on issues to get out the Jewish vote.

“We are targeting Orthodox voters,” Berg said. “We have a few Orthodox rabbis who work with us very closely. We have people in New Jersey who know how to talk to the Orthodox vote.”

Robert Yudin, who chairs the Bergen County Republican Organization, said the Democrats “should be worried about the Jewish vote. There is a very big uneasiness about the direction the Democratic Party is going, relative to the Middle East,” he told NJ Jewish News. “When you couple it with the absolute corruption going on in Bergen County, there is an uneasiness, and you are going to see a larger percentage of Jews voting Republican than in past years.”

Yudin said he believes the Orthodox community “is overwhelmingly going to vote Republican” because “they are furious with Obama over Israel. As far as the rest of the Jewish community, most of them will probably vote Democratic, but I suspect we’re going to see more of the Jewish community voting Republican than have in past years.”

Unlike Corzine or independent candidate Christopher Daggett, Republican candidate Chris Christie supports vouchers and tax credits for families who send their children to parochial schools, an issue that resonates with many Orthodox voters. Read the rest of this entry »