How do I get to the Super Bowl?

22 01 2008


With less than two weeks to go before Super Bowl XLII, here are some options for die-hard Giants fans who want to be in the stadium on game day:

* has about 2,200 tickets for sale, ranging from $2,200 to $9,600. The average price: $4,000. Spokesman Sean Pate predicts prices will go down in the next 10 days, and advises fans to wait until two to three days before the game. “That’s normally when people will get the best value.”

*, formerly, has about 980 tickets for sale, ranging from $2,850 to $12,000. A 40-person suite is available for a cool $240,000. “If you get your friends together, it would be a little over $6,000 each,” said CEO Don Vaccaro.

* is an electronic exchange that allows users to trade tickets like stocks. Fans who predicted their teams would make it to the Super Bowl bought “futures contracts” early in the season for as low as $125. Now that the Giants made it to the big game, the futures are good for tickets. Tickets are available for sale until three days before kickoff.

* Travel agencies have access to information from dozens of companies specializing in sporting events, including Esoteric Sports, which has Super Bowl packages available for $5,800 per person, according to Rick Ardis of Ardis Travel Agency in East Rutherford.