Hundreds Of Protesters Are Heading To The Agudah Convention.

24 11 2007

Stamford Connecticut- Tonight at the 85th Agudah Convention at the Westin Hotel several Hundred protester’s expected anti Agudah. On scene is Swat team’s Bomb Squad’s State Police Local and State Authorities preparing for possibly thousand’s of Satmar Chassidim. The Satmar sect plans to protest the Anti Agudah movement they are sending approximately 15 buses. Police are on scene cornering off sections of the road towards the Hotel. The hotel is going on complete lock down soon. We at PassaicCliftonJewishNews are first to report this story. We will update as it comes available. Update As of 10:00 only 15-20 Neturei Karta people have shown up but Police made them stay down the road from the Hotel. Also they now have a Helicopter above and Bomb Sniffing Dogs as well as many authorities Local and State.




One response

7 12 2009
chaim l

I was at th convention and nobody was there. this is Lashon Hora.

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