Video-Rabbi Levin talks about Gary Schaer & His Pro-Homosexuality

3 11 2009

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What Gary Schaer and his buddies don’t want you to see.

Rabbi Yehuda Levin talks about Assemblyman Gary Schaer & his pro-homosexuality on his weekly radio show, recorded also on video.

Rabbi Yehuda Levin is the Rabbi of Cong. Mevakshei Hashem in Brooklyn, and is the spokesman for The Rabbinical Alliance of America, and The Union of Orthodox Rabbis of The US and Canada.





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3 11 2009

A great Yashar Koach to Passaic-Bergen News, and also to HaRav Yehuda Levin, SHLITAH for exposing Gary Schaer and
the well organized TOEIVAH supporters in Passaic.

The government/rabbinic controlled media sites like PassaicJews and PCJewishCommunity continue to feed their pro-TOEIVAH
Kool-Aid to the largely Baal Tshuvah community of Passaic.

Torah values and the constitutional rights of religious heterosexuals are under assault as never by before the likes of
Mr. Schaer and the TOEIVAH movements.

All Jews who care about Torah values should read the A3451 bill sponsored by Schaer and Neil Cohen:

This sham bill, apparently signed into law already, claims to prevent religious discrimination but in fact is a fascist
homosexual “rights” bill which ruthlessly crushes the constitutional rights of religious heterosexuals!

In addition Mr. Schaer’s sidekick Neil Cohen has been charged with possessing child pornography:

None of this TOEIVAH has prevented many so-called “Orthodox” rabbis of Passaic from ardently supporting Mr. Schaer.

How can so-called Orthodox rabbis bend over backwards (so to speak) to support Mr. Schaer and his homo-fascist / TOEIVAH agenda?

How much are these “rabbis” profiting to abandon the Torah and promote the homo-TOEIVAH agenda?

Isn’t it time for the Passaic Jews to throw out the corrupt “rabbis” ruling over the Jewish community?

Lets not forget what happened in the homosexual city of Sodom, to be read in synagogues this Shabbos:

Genesis 19:5 – “Bring them out that we may know them!” (For homosexual relations – see Rashi)

7 06 2011

So he starts out the video saying, essentially, the following is the machinations of the writer… and then reads it to us like it’s a nevu’ah.

Shame on you Rabbi Levin! You call yourself ORthodox? You put on a big hat and long coat and you get to besmirch who ever and what ever you want?
You are a baal lashone horah.
You are a baal machlokes.
You are a bigger chilul Hashem than a modern orthodox democrat politician who does exactly what you’d expect a modern orthodox democrat politician to do.

3 11 2009

Why is PassaicJews having a media blackout of this video. Not even a single mention? What is this, communist censorship? This is rediculous!

3 11 2009

If you inquire as to what is happening in Lakewood today about the elections, this will be no suprise to you, that the rabbis are all in for the money! The same applies to Passaic. Gary is a piece of shmutz, but the money the RY is getting from him, blinds him.

5 11 2009
ur brother

ur a sicko KAPLAN and co

5 11 2009

The real shmutz here is the flagrant Lashon Hara promulgated by Rav Khomeini.

6 11 2009

i think the rabbi who speaks is well aware of the laws of lashon hara, and knows that there are exceptions and this is one of them. if you want to debate what he said go ahead, but he knows the laws of lashoin hara

8 11 2009

Please enlighten me about the ‘exceptions”.

6 11 2009

I love how people bury their heads in the sand about every aveirah in the Torah other then Lashon Hara.

An elected official can be a sicko who’s embarrassing our community, but we should just vote for him because we can’t know about Lashon Hara.

8 11 2009

I have no idea what his private sex life is all about, nor do I care. Met him a few times in public settings and he impressed me as someone who was a strong supporter of Israel and Jewish community interests. Whatever the case, even if you want to disregard the issue of lashon hara, its intolerable that someone could disseminate scurrilous charges about anyone (even a non-Jew) based on an anonymous letter. I was also wondering, why is the punishment for homosexual acts the same as for being michalel shabbat? What was Hashem thinking? (The chashuver Rav could probably answer that one.) Oh yeh, and is anyone here cognizant of what ahavas yisrael is all about?

8 11 2009

notice not a single person debated the facts of this story!

8 11 2009

If I’m not mistaken, truth of the matter is not an exemption from speaking LH.

19 11 2009

there are serious problems with the statements made by the speaker in the video. this claim that the law the assemblyman passed was really a secret mishchav zochor law is FALSE ON ITS FACE.

99% of the law was pre-existing law! The assemblyman in question only introduced THE UNDERLINED PORTIONS!!! Go to the link and read the underlined portions. yes, the law added “gender identity and expression” (whatever that means) in a bunch of spots but the rest of the additions were actually protections SPECIFICALLY FOR ORTHODOX JEWS!!

In fact, the speaker in the clip says no one bothered to read the law. Either he himself didn’t read it or more likely, he didn’t understand that it was only the underlined portions that were being added to pre-existing law. Mr. Schaer had nothing to do with the existing law, he just added a slam dunk lawsuit for any of us if we get fired for Shabbas and related reasons.

Pure Motzi Shaim Ra! The rest of the accusations were not based on anything we can verify. The whole thing smells like a set up by someone with an ax to grind.

20 11 2009
to jg

Actually, I suspect it is you who didn’t read the law. As you say, the underlined portions of the law are the changes.

If you look at the law, there are HUNDREDS of underlined changes adding provisions to force businesses to allow people to be homosexual and crossdress at work!

In otherwords, if your male employee wants to show up at work with a beard and a skirt and pocketbook, you can’t say no!

Shame on Gary Schaer, and Shame on Rabbi Eisenman, and Shame on our community for allowing this.

4 02 2010

I don’t know anything about his position on homosexuality or anything else for that matter. Because I’m an am haoretz (unlearnered) in those areas. Never read anything about it. All I can say is THIS. All my life I did truly believe that it WAS in fact a SLAM DUNK if someone had a problem with Shabbos and his career. I believed all the WISDOM of anyone with a YESHIVISHA GUTA KUP and their opinions about this and everything else. Shame on me. Because when you become personally involved in a real problem where is everyone? And where does their wisdom get you?
Gary HAS created a bill that fights discrimination. And just MAYBE that can help me. MAYBE. It’s a REAL DOUBT. Discrimination STILL exists and an orthodox man can STILL LOSE. But at least he is trying to HELP.

2 03 2011

Sorry folks… looking for any kind of axe to grind. It’s nothing but a moronic attempt at character assassination. Anyone who had heard about this legislation and why it was signed in shul, knew that it was because its intent was to stop illegal job discrimination against shabbos observers.

If my memory serves me correctly the “illegal” practice that had been going for years was that many civil service exams were only being given on Saturdays. This effectively barred any shabbos observer from applying for and obtaining said civil service jobs.

The verbiage about gender identity;

” race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry , gender identity or
expression or affectional or sexual orientation “…

Is the new boiler plate, its the standard language used in all non-discriminatory practice clauses. To try to nail a particular Rabbi or a particular Assemblyman for what is normal “boiler plate” standard phrasing “legalese” just shows the maturity level of the perpetuator of this immature and silly prank.

Every one who seeks the limelight or who is in the public eyes because of there position in government will always be open to these type of attacks.

People may not typically speak up because of the extreme homophobic stance which has long been entrenched in both traditional religious settings as well as conservative and right wing political factions.

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